Help! Why Do I Get So Upset With My Partner?

Q: I need some relationship help. While I love my hubby with all my heart, sometimes it is just so frustrating being married to him. When I think he’s ignoring me, I get so upset, and he’s usually amazed at the power of my reaction. Why do I get so upset with him? ~Jermy, Carlsbad CA

A: Thanks for the question, Jeremy. Here are some thoughts that might help streamline your experience:

It is exceedingly distressing to feel as though your words and actions haven’t any impact (or don’t matter) for your spouse/partner to consider that someone who you love deeply is will no longer engaged fully from the relationship or serious about what’s imperative that you can be extremely painful.

When you are feeling like your better half/partner just isn’t being tuned in to you (and in your needs), two outcomes become likely:

1. Initially, chances are you’ll “up the ante” to be able to have some type of impact on your better half/partner– this may involve yelling, more and more provocative, elevating your emotional responses, acting in manners that are uncharacteristic in your case (in attachment literature most of these reactions these are known as “protest” behaviors?your protests can be a reflection of losing something extremely vital that you; this could be the love of your significant other, the safety of your relationship, or both).

Is it fair to express that sooner or later most of us would react negatively (protest) after we perceived our spouse/partner to become unavailable and unresponsive to our needs?

2. When you sense ignored longer periods of time, your feeling of despair can turn into feelings of hopelessness you provide up on wanting to engage your wife or husband/partner and commence to retreat (that is a self-protective behavior essentially, you’re losing loses). This may go ahead and take the form of indifference, withdrawal behaviors, and disengaging on the relationship on the whole (along with the responsibilities which can be a part of the relationship).

Typically a protest reaction isn’t random: Protest behaviors (getting really upset when your spouse isn’t responding in predictable ways in which make you’re feeling secure from the relationship) happen in a particular context; and also the triggering event is frequently feeling anxious about losing the safety of your relationship.

Relationship Help: Let’s stop working this reaction:

An unresponsive/disengaged/uninterested partner –

triggers increased anxiety and worry inside another partner, who then –

efforts to re-engage the unresponsive partner (one example is, “We have to talk,” or “What’s wrong?”)

and if your other partner remains to be not responsive, protest behaviors are triggered.

Your protest behaviors (whether your protest behaviors are regarded as nagging, pestering, yelling, or some style of increased emotionality like anger) will be in effect tries to try and correct the situation?ideally it is really an attention-grabbing reaction which will let your partner know that something is wrong that requires fixing.

Think of protest behaviors as a possible alarm sounding in order to grab your spouse’s care about what needs for being addressed.

Marital/relationship problems can arise when these temporary reactions (feeling one’s spouse/partner is unconcerned and unresponsive) usually are not addressed and turn ingrained patterns.

I hope this sheds some light on the reason why you seem to get so upset with your better half (or why most of us get upset with his spouse/partner on occasion). Whenever we allow someone you love special access to the hearts, feeling ignored by that person is gonna feel like an essential deal.

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